Numen Partnership

Why become a Numentech partner?

Our partnership programs offer you a set of tools to quickly improve your customer satisfaction and, consequently, the profitability and growth of your business.

Cutting-edge technology

Our solutions, programmed in the FreeBSD environment, guarantee superior network traffic analysis than traditional IDS/IPS systems developed in Linux. The blockchain allows the activities carried out in the protected environment to be certified, collecting forensic evidence in the event of a cyber attack.

Simple, cost-effective and scalable subscription plans

Our licensing plans include all the necessary functionalities for your clients to access Numen's comprehensive solutions, easy to implement and scalable according to needs.

Product for any type of needs

Our offer focuses on any type of need, both in a corporate and domestic context. Along with prevention solutions, your clients will be able to benefit from an innovative cloud service.

Advantages of the Numen Partnership

Free training packs for new partners, access to updated installation resources, guided configuration and much more.


Incentives for the distribution of integrated solutions and to contribute to the launch of new solutions.


Tailor-made prices, progressive discounts according to category and order volume.


Progressive acquisition of certifications that enable you to provide assistance and managed services.

Support services

All our resellers will be able to benefit from a network of support partners who are responsible for resolving any incident.

Our partners

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