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NUMENBOX SOHO + ESET® Protect Advance

Traffic analysis with IDS/IPS

Wifi 5 standard

Blockchain recording of the logs for forensic.

Threat notification

Secure remote access to the protected network

VPN Client (OpenVPN, WireGuard)

Management platform

Email security

Disk encryption

Server protection

Mobile device and computer endpoint protection


How can we help you?

Here you will find the answers to all those questions about the technical aspects of cybersecurity. It is also the easiest and quickest way to resolve doubts related to the purchase of the product (warranty, shipping, returns, etc.).


The Numen Box is an NGFW designed to solve the cybersecurity problems of small and medium-sized companies that adopt a hybrid work mode (on-site/remote). The Numen Box protects the network where it is installed through IDS/IPS, allows you to manage the connected devices, analyse the health status of the network and access via VPN to the resources of your organisation.

Eset® Protect Advance is a suite of products designed for computer protection, cloud sandboxing, full disk encryption, and file server security.

In addition, with the administration console (in the cloud or on-premises) you can remotely manage users, view threats and quarantine items.

The products that make up ESET® Protect Advance constitute a strong multi-layered protection barrier:

ESET® Endpoint Security provides multiple layers of protection and can detect malicious programs (malware) before, during and after execution. Machine learning, behavioural analysis, big data, and human expertise are dynamically compensated to balance performance, detection and false positives.

ESET® LiveGuard Advanced provides proactive protection against zero-day threats by executing all submitted suspicious samples in an isolated and powerful safe space environment in the cloud.

ESET® Full Disk Encryption Enables one-click deployment and data encryption of connected Windows and macOS devices. ESET® Full Disk Encryption significantly increases the security of your company’s data and helps you comply with data protection regulations.


The speed of your network will be minimally affected using the Numen Box.

Sí. You can configure your VPN client so that any device that connects to the Numen Box is automatically connected via VPN.

Numen Box currently supports the OpenVPN and Wireguard standards.

Yes. The Numen Box connects to your router via cable just like any other device regardless of your internet provider.


To use the Numen Box, you only need a router connected to the internet and a device that can connect via LAN or WiFi to the Numen Box, from which you can access the intranet and the dashboard.

Setting up the Numen Box is extremely easy. In three steps you can start working without worrying about anything else. First connect the Numen Box to the power supply and to your router. Go to, register and validate your licence number. Once you have a device connected to the Numen Box, go to the control panel and login with the credentials you have previously chosen. Your network is now protected!

To configure ESET® you only have to follow the instructions in the email you received when you purchased the products: access the download link and add the license key or the user in the search engine. Once you have downloaded the product, follow the instructions in the installer.


IPS stands for Intrusion Prevention System. It is network security software that looks for malicious activity and establishes a security policy, blocking or allowing filtered traffic.

IDS stands for Intrusion Detection System. It is security software that detects unauthorised access to a computer system or network and generates alert or log that can be managed by the system or network administrator.

A firewall is a network security device that analyses incoming and outgoing traffic, and allows or blocks specific unauthorised traffic, based on a set of pre-defined security restrictions.

In cybersecurity there is a tendency to avoid the concept of total security.

To mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks at the enterprise level, it is important to invest in cybersecurity, keep software updated against new threats, limit the vulnerabilities of devices connected to the network and other resources of the organisation, in addition to training professionals who are sensitive and aware of the danger of misuse of the internet, always promoting secure data storage, strict credential and access policies, and constantly updated backups and restores.

Your connection may be affected by IDS/IPS, and you may be prevented from accessing certain addresses. If you consider the blocked page to be safe, you can disable the corresponding IDS rule in the Numen Box control panel and browse. If you do not know how to do this, please contact helpdesk and we will help you to solve the problem.

Data Security

No sensitive customer data will be stored on the Numentech Blockchain, it will only contain log hashes.

The hash stored on the blockchain does not contain any private or personal data. Data outside the Blockchain is accessible to the individual who owns it and can be deleted on demand. In this way we enable our customers to benefit from the maximum possible usability of the logged data, by giving them access to the content of the stored log entries that apply to them, while guaranteeing a high level of confidentiality.